Max Korsunov

Bali, Indonesia

The lover of the new. Front-end engineer with creative mind.

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Curriculum vitae

Currently not interested in job opportunities

Technologies I am good at:

  • TypeScript
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Svelte
  • Node.js
  • E2E tests

Open-Source projects

These are the projects that I have created and put the biggest effort to make ideas come true.

Vanilla JSX

Apr 2022 ★ 5+

Proof-of-concept for using JSX in vanilla JavaScript apps, with articles explaining the idea


Since May 2021 ★ 10+

Model-driven universal admin panel magnetic to any backend

Modern Web App

Sep-Dec 2018 ★ 45+

React PWA with SSR and Code splitting. Has two articles in both English and Russian languages of how to create a website with listed technologies from scratch.

Also, I wrote small web-applications in order to learn new technologies and improve my skills:

  • May 2021. "Les Frais" project: a Vue 3 app to keep track of expenses.
  • Nov 2020. Simple "Pizza delivery service": a React app with authorization provided by serverless Node.js backend.
  • Sep 2020. Distributed File System as a University project. Node.js + TypeScript application for managing a nameserver, file servers and clients with no single point of failure.
  • June 2019 – Jan 2020. Participated in a University project Innopoints with other students. All-university website was created with Sapper, SSR library for Svelte.
  • May 2020. Created a small website with Apline.js on the front-end and Express.js + MongoDB on the back-end.
  • Nov 2019. Created the application for solving differential equations numerically and representing them with Chart.js.
  • Apr 2019. Created an image gallery with Vanilla JS and serverless file uploading using Amazon S3.

Job experience over 4 years

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Since October 2022. Luxembourg


  • Developing high-quality product and moving the startup forward
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Code Pilots

Nov 2020 – Oct 2020. Almaty, Kazakhstan


  • Developed several high-load projects
  • Created a tool to optimize admin dashboard creation
  • Developed the starter code template for all future projects
  • Acted as an interviewer and mentor for newcomers
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Jun 2019 – Nov 2020. Riga, Latvia


  • Finished several projects for industrial customers from scratch
  • Applied modern technologies on every project such as SSR for public websites or TypeScript for difficult applications
  • Contributed to Open-Source in order to solve the job's tasks
  • Performed unit and end-to-end tests to ensure reliability
  • Was a mentor for new interns and performed code-review
  • Wrote technical documentation for all web applications
  • Communicated with project team up to customers to ensure the understanding of business requirements
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Eratart development

Dec 2018 — March 2019


  • Built REST API with Node.js
  • Integrated Google services into the project
  • Created an interface of the admin's dashboard of the project with React

About me

I love front-end development with all my heart. Though just development can happen to be boring, I try to contribute to open-source, create my own projects and keep on learning new things.

On a job, I interfere in business processes to create the most realistic and understandable requirements. The same is about design, I would rather participate in the prototyping process than fix UX bugs on later stages. I believe that websites can be easy-to-use, multi-cultural and fully accessible for people around the world.

Establishing end-to-end testing along with TypeScript on a daily basis, I ensure that everything works as it should. But at the same time, I respect deadlines and try not to break them by doing my best.